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Birthdate:Aug 31
Location:Kassel, Germany
Website:Daily Drabble
Anyone wondering: YES, I AM OF AGE.

Random Facts

23, female, German, equal opportunity shipper (meaning I write and read slash, femmeslash and het alike. You can expect mentions of all of that in this journal.), writing fanfic and original fic (German mostly), online too often, studying German and English (literature and linguistics both. No, not to become a teacher), shy, too nightowlish for normal getting-up-times (my sleep-wake-rythms tend to get seriously weird.)


My major Fandom was Harry Potter for several years, before that, I was into original slash/yaoi. I love reading Tamora Pierce's books and writing fic for them, though I'm not actively reading in the fandom. Newest, and still somewhat startling obsession is Bandom RPF, which turns out to be so much more fun that I thought it would. I read in way more fandoms than I write, and not every fandom I write in is one I read in, too. (Mostly) past obsessions include several manga/anime (way back when), dc/marvel comics (too much canon to keep up with...), Doctor Who plus spin-offs (still read it when I get linked), Supernatural (only for a short bit. I like cest, but it gets boring fast), The Three Investigators (not that there's much of a fandom there, but slashing them was just way too easy), and probably countless others I stuck my head in for a bit, maybe wrote a drabble or a ficlet for, and left again.


Sometimes I write my posts in German, mostly in English. I started using a filter for the German stuff, but I can't promise all English entries, all the time. Stuff involving my real life in detail is mostly friends-only (some things more heavily filtered than others), fandomy and not so private things are unlocked.


I don't really have a friending policy. I friend a journal if it interests me and sometimes I'll drop a comment that I did so. If you want to friend me, feel free to do so, and if I notice, I'll probably friend you back, if your journal looks interesting enough and is at least for the most part in a language that I can actually read. (That means German and English. I took Spanish for a bit, but sucked so very badly at it, and no-one writes their journal in Latin, do they?)
Defriending is not a matter of 'I hate you', it just that our interests may vary and my flist is always too full to begin with.


You can find my (mostly german) fics at my writing-journal [profile] katzenpfoten; e.g. by way of the masterlist. Stuff there tends to be German, but I'll try and write in English a little more. My fics are usually short, and span various fandoms and pairings. Drabbles can be found at Daily Drabble (for Potter-Drabbles) and Daily Drabble [Multifandom] (for everything else). I am in a bit of a writer's block at the moment, so there isn't a lot happening over there.

Dreamwidth vs Livejournal

I do have a livejournal account with the same username that I crosspost to. So far, you can comment at either journal. You can comment in either journal, and friend me here, there or at both places, it won't make much of a difference. Comment discussions seem to be happening mainly on LJ, though, if that's a deciding factor for you. (I also so far mainly read my lj-flist, not the readlist here, but I receive notifications for new posts for the few people that are on the DW-readlist only, so no worries about that.)

I married [ profile] dat_evilwhispy at [ profile] marry_a_ljuser on Dec. 13th 2005!
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